Parquet flooring
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Heat treatment and marking of wood packaging material

Starting from 13th  Decembar 2013, company ''Parquet Tomovic“ included in its program heat treatment and marking of wood packaging material. Heat treatment of wood packaging material ( DMP ) involves heating wood packaging material until the minimum temperature of 56 degrees C has been reached in the middle of the elements for for the duration of minimum 30 minutes. Wood packaging material is wood or product made of wood (excluding paper) for packing, securing, and for protecting or maintaining the shipment.

Wood without bark is the tree from which the bark has been stripped, except the vascular cambium, ingrown bark around knots and bark pockets. Between the annual growth rings ( rings ). Drying chamber is a process during which the wood is dried in a closed chamber using heat or humidity control to reach the desired moisture content. The treatment is officially approved method of destruction plant varmint. Our label is RS - 097. It is characteristic of the ( DMP ), which is internationally recognized and used to indicate the wood packaging material that is treated.

Heat treatment and marking of wood packaging material

Parketi Tomovic company produces and sales oak and ash parquet, and at the request of the customer we deliver a variety of other types of flooring (cherry, walnut, maple ...). Each customer receives accurate information about the humidity of the flooring, because it is always checked before delivery. Our flooring is guaranteed dry and ready for installation. Parketi Tomovic’s parquet flooring is well accepted abroad, as evidenced by long-continued exports to Australia and Western Europe markets.

Parquet floors are divided by the thickness of the layer so there are double layered, triple layered and hardwood flooring. The company Parketi Tomovic has the hardwood flooring in its offer. This type of flooring is a solid investment for several generations. Its thickness can be sanded and renewed several times. Hardwood floors are of different sizes. Lengths range from 200 to 600 mm, widths range from 46 to 80 mm, and thickness is 21 mm.

Once the standards in wood and parquet production are concerned, all stages of parquet production meet the highest requirements.

Slavonian oak flooring

Of all domestic types of wood, the oak flooring is the most reliable and the most rewarding wood flooring for the production. Because of its durability, good mechanical properties and good appearance, historically the oak was used in the production of wooden items, mostly furniture, woodwork and floors. The oak flooring is very reliable due to its mechanical and aesthetic properties, so you cannot go wrong if you choose this type, especially the one type we mostly use - the famous Slavonian oak, whose quality is recognized by whole world.

Debljina parketaProduction of parquet flooring

We produce classic solid wood flooring

  • 21 mm thick

Available widths:

  • 46 mm
  • 54 mm
  • 60 mm
  • 66 mm
  • 72 mm and
  • 80 mm.

Lengths range is from 200 to 600 mm

Slavonian ash flooring

Ash is extremely reliable type of wood, pale yellow or white. Its hardness, combined with natural splendor gives the room a bright and fresh look. In addition to oak, the ash is the main domestic type of wood used for the flooring. According to its characteristics (hardness, strength, durability, flexibility, toughness, workability), it is very similar to oak. Ash wood is known for its great strength - wood property to, under the influence of external forces changing wood dimensions, return to its original shape as soon as the forces cease to operate.

For this reason it is particularly suitable for installation in large buildings - sports halls, gyms etc ...

Family Tomović

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Example of parquet composition

Check out some examples of classical composition of flooring
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Classical composition

There are several ways of classical flooring composition. Take a look at some examples and schematics.

Example of parquet composition

Check out some examples of flooring composition in the form of a mosaic.
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Mosaic composition

There are various forms of mosaics. See some examples here...

Installation of flooring

If you need parquet flooring installation services or any information regarding the installation, stowage, preparation of the floor, etc. ... please call us and we'll give you all the information!

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