Before installing parquet flooring
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  • Parquet flooring should remain intact at least 15 day in the room before the installation for acclimatization.
  • It should be placed on a concrete screed which must be flat, dry (maximum moisture content 2%) and impregnated with the appropriate primer before installing.
  • Glued flooring should be left to stand for some time depending on the type of glue before sanding. After the sanding the polishing of the parquet is done
  • Parquet flooring can be renovated by the sanding process, or removing old paint finish 1-2mm and varnishing by fresh paint.
  • If you opt for a different look, the parquet flooring can change its color by staining procedure.

Installation of flooring

If you need parquet flooring installation services or any information regarding the installation, stowage, preparation of the floor, etc. ... please call us and we'll give you all the information!

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